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Breast Cancer to Bikini – October 13, 2018

I’ve come a long way on my health and fitness journey. I’m an amateur bodybuilder by hobby. I compete in the bikini division. I’m starting this hobby at 61 years old, and this old body is amazing me. I feel blessed with health that I didn’t have 20 years ago. The food I eat has contributed 90% to my health and well being. Sure exercise matters, but without the diet you can’t see the results.

This week, after my 62 birthday on July 25, I’ll start my preparation for my next show. I’ve added 10 pounds to my last stage weight these past six weeks. Well, all good things come to an end to make way for better things to come. My goal is to lose 15 pounds before my next show. Hopefully, the lose will be all body fat, exposing the muscles I’ve tried to build these past few weeks. Yes, I know it takes more than a few weeks to build muscle mass, but never-the-less if I don’t lean out I can’t display whatever I’ve manage to define or develop over the past six weeks.

I am a breast cancer survivor, so the October show has special meaning for me. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this competition will pay tribute to a group of ladies who are presently fighting cancer, or who are survivors. I can’t wait to share the venue with them!